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Human Resources

Human Resources

» Human Resources Policy

Mnt perform engineering goals and strategies, and to increase its corporate competencies to create value that will contribute to ensuring the continuous development of employees is the most important power of the human resources policy is a priority. Mnt values, our company move into the future, targeted to bring qualified human resources to engineering.

» Competency-based Recruitment

Competencies that will contribute to the realization of our vision and values Mnt Engineering candidates are targeted to join the Group.

» Career Planning

Hiring employees from the moment they set goals and targets is reviewed mid-year and year-end assessment is made public. Financial and fiscal targets are reviewed on a monthly basis.

» Performance Evaluation

360 degree performance evaluation, depending on the objectives and competencies required for the position held once a year.

» Compensation Management

Is intended to provide added value to charge in accordance with the organization and responsibilities of employees. Taking responsibility, and to promote high performance, targeted business results.

» Organizational Development

In order to move forward to the personal and professional competencies are organized trainings that directly affect corporate success. Mnt human resources to sustain the success of engineering systems and processes are constantly revised and is intended to be configured according to the needs.